UniQ Aotearoa


UniQ is the New Zealand Queer* Students' group at universities, polytechs and colleges of education. It is run by students (and staff) for students (and staff). While every group is independent from each other, we all share similar goals, take part in national campaigns and meet once a year for the national UniQ conference.

For more information on the different groups, visit one of their pages.  A full list is available on the Local Divisions page.

Hold on - why the new site?

In October 2009, the old location where this site was published stopped working - the site was recoverable, but not in a way that it could be easily published.  So, it was templated in such a way that can be more easily edited.

We’re also hoping to update our new logo - anybody interested in helping out, please contact us.


Welcome to UniQ

Queer is a reclaimed word that acknowledges both gender and sexual diversity. It is used as a collective term that is inclusive but not exclusive to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Takataapui, Intersex and Asexual identities.